Leadership                    Name                                 Email                          Phone              Year Term Over
Chair Michael Hevel 575-4924   2017
Chair-elect Chris Goering 575-4270 2018
Michael T. Miller
Janet Penner Williams   

At Large
4 positions                               
CIED Chris Goering               575-4270         2017
RHRC Lisa Bowers 575-3267 2018
HHPR Stavros Kavouras 575-5309 2017
HHPR Matt Ganio 575-2956 2018


5 positions                               
CIED Rhett Hutchins        575-5561          2018
EDRE Gary Ritter 575-4971 2017
HHPR Angie Smith-Nix 575-5847 2017
NURS Anna Jarrett 575-3581 2018
RHRC Kristi Perryman 575-6521 2018



The College Council shall consist of one representative elected from each department of the College and four at-large members elected by the College faculty. Two at-large representatives shall be elected each fall and serve a staggered two-year term. The Council members shall elect the chair-elect from within the Council. If the chair-elect is a departmental representative, the alternate representative from that department will become the departmental representative. All members of the Council shall be voting members. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Council. Nominations and elections for departmental representatives shall take place at the first departmental faculty meeting each fall and shall be reported to the Council Chair no later than Sept. 15. Each department shall designate alternates to represent the department when the departmental representative is unable to attend Council meetings.

The sitting Chair of the College Council shall manage the annual elections to the Council. The Chair shall solicit nominations for all open at-large College council positions during a nomination period lasting at least one week prior to the fall College faculty meeting. Potential candidates shall be permitted to nominate themselves and also to decline a nomination. All nominees to serve in at-large positions on the Council shall run in a single election. Eligible faculty will be permitted to cast votes equal to the number of open at-large positions (normally 2).