College of Education and Health Professions

Ways to Give

Private giving to the College of Education and Health Professions can be accomplished through a variety of means. Gifts of all sizes are a critical piece of our ability to provide a quality higher education experience for our students, faculty, and staff. Listed below are just a few of the many ways that you can contribute.

Annual Gifts

Why does my gift matter if it's not a major gift?
The Annual Fund at the University of Arkansas provides the colleges, schools and programs across the Fayetteville campus the important discretionary revenue to meet a broad range of immediate needs. Every dollar counts. By giving to the Annual Fund, you may designate your gift to the college, school or unit of your choice, an existing scholarship, or where you feel the need is greatest. 

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Annual Gift Spotlight

Dollars for Doctorates

Shay Hopper, a curriculum and instruction doctoral candidate in the College of Education and Health Professions, balances her school obligations with her full-time job as an eighth-grade history and journalism and ninth-grade yearbook teacher at Woodland Junior High School in Fayetteville. This fall, Hopper was awarded the College of Education Alumni Endowed Scholarship, a scholarship supported by gifts made to the college through the Annual Fund.

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Endowed Gifts

Endowed giving is designed to provide permanent support for quality enhancement for the College of Education and Health Professions. The endowment program is based on the concept that gifts will be invested and only a portion of the interest earned will be used to carry out the intention of the donor's gift. Endowed gifts can also provide a permanent naming opportunity and can be established to reflect the name of the donor(s) or someone they wish to honor.

Endowment Spotlight

Retired College History Teacher Makes Higher Education Possible for Many

John Morris' scholarship giving reflects his life. His gifts to the University of Arkansas are helping students who share his interests or who are pursuing subjects he chose as a way to honor his family.

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Non-Endowed Gifts

Non-endowed gifts allow a donor a great deal of flexibility and can be used to support students, faculty or research programs. Non-endowed gifts are given to the college and then spent as directed. Depending on the preference of the donor, non-endowed gifts may be one-time, periodic, or an annual gift. Types of non-endowed gifts include creating a non-endowed scholarship that could be need- or merit-based and may or may not be renewable for an individual student, depending on a donor's preference. Non-endowed accounts can also be used to support faculty research and professional development opportunities. And, for still a third option, non-endowed support can be allocated to the discretionary spending of the dean of the college for projects deemed beneficial. Although non-endowed gifts are not a permanent source of funding for the College of Education and Health Professions, they do provide much needed support to our students and faculty.

Non-Endowed Gifts Spotlight

Othelia Paul Scholarship

The Iota Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International annually funds three scholarships through non-endowed contributions. The most recent scholarship established in 2009 honors Mrs. Othelia Paul, who worked for many years on the dean's staff in the College of Education and Health Professions. During the first year of the award, two students received this scholarship: Morgan Coke, second from right, an M.A.T. student specializing in English, and Amanda Hobbs, second from left, an elementary major who entered the M.A.T. program in 2010. Future Othelia Paul Scholarships will be awarded annually to a woman entering the M.A.T. program, majoring in secondary education. Also pictured are Tom Smith, dean of the College of Education and Health Professions; Margaret Clark, Iota Chapter president; and Jim Paul, son of Othelia Paul.

Planned Gifts

Giving through a trust, bequest, insurance, or including the College of Education and Health Professions in your will are just a few planned giving options available. Planned gifts play an integral part in the future of the college, and we are very grateful for our alumni and friends who have ensured our future through their planned gifts. If you would like to know more about how to strategically plan for your family's future and whether a planned gift to the College of Education and Health Professions is right for you, please contact the estate planning team at the University of Arkansas. Also, feel free to visit the online University of Arkansas Planned Giving Guide, which provides some of the planned giving options and scenarios you can use to achieve your financial goals.