Faculty & Staff Awards

Submissions for 2021 Have Closed

Nominations for the 2021-22 term will open in early 2022. Please check back.
Email questions to Brandon Weston at bweston@uark.edu.

The College of Education and Health Professions honors faculty and staff members each year for their teaching, research and service to the college and the University of Arkansas. The seven awards include:

Faculty Career

This award recognizes a faculty member with a long-standing record of outstanding performance based on the impact made on the university and national recognition in their discipline.

George Denny STAR

This award recognizes a faculty member for achieving balance by exhibiting outstanding performance during the past year in service, teaching, mentoring/advising AND research.

Outstanding Mentoring and Advising

Nominees are evaluated based on their accomplishments for mentoring/advising students within the past year in their professional development and in their degree seeking, course progression or specialty selection.

Outstanding Teaching

Nominees are evaluated based on an outstanding — in creativity and effectiveness — teaching technique, strategy, method or assignment implemented within the past year.

Rising STAR

This award recognizes and reward a new and junior faculty member for outstanding performance in at least two of these areas: research, teaching, service and mentoring/advising.

Significant Research

This award recognizes a faculty member for the single most important research endeavor completed within a two-year period of the current term.

Superior Service

Nominees are evaluated based on a balance of their accomplishments for service within the past year to the college and university, the profession and field, and to the community.