The committee membership is elected by academic department, with representation from both undergraduate and graduate programs, where appropriate. The committee elects from its membership a chair. The committee meets three times in the fall and three times in the spring.  Meeting dates:  9/2, 10/7, 11/4, 1/7, 12/2, 1/6, 2/3, and 3/2 WEDNESDAYs 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. Graduate Education Building, Room 325

 Member                          Department                   Term ends   
 Cathy Wissehr, chair  CIED Undergraduate     2017
 Kathy Collins  CIED Graduate   2016
 Bob Costrell  EDRE  2016
 Cathy Lirgg HHPR Graduate  2017
 Susan Mayes  HHPR Undergraduate 2016
 Susan Patton  NURS Undergraduate  2017
 Debi Shirey  NURS Graduate  2017
 Kristi Perryman  RHRC Graduate  2017
 Lisa Bowers  RHRC Undergraduate  2016
 Jennifer Oramous  Graduate Student  2016
Janet Penner-Williams     Dean's Office Ex-officio