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Vicki S. Collet

Vicki S. Collet

Assoc Professor


(CIED)-Curriculum and Instruction

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2012 Joined University Arkansas Faculty as Assistant Professor in Curriculum & Instruction

Associate Director of Northwest Arkansas Writing Project

Pre-Service and in-service teacher education and professional development, with a focus on Lesson Study, instructional coaching, and mentoring

Writing and new literacies

Instruction and intervention processes and practices

  • Teacher Preparation
  • Literacy
  • Instructional Theory

Instructional Design for Teachers (BSE program)

Student Teaching Supervision (BSE & MAT programs)

Classroom Management Concepts: Differentiation (MAT program)

Vygotsky in the Classroom (Ph.D. program)

Instructional Theory (Ph.D. program)

Literacy Theory (Ph.D. program)

Review of Research in Reading Comprehension (Ph.D. program)

Bakhtinian Perspectives in Language, Literacy, Learning, and Research

  • Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, Reading Education
  • M.A., University of Northern Colorado, Reading (K-6 & 7-12) & Elementary Education
  • B.A., University of Utah, English Teaching, Reading (minor)
Refereed Articles:

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Book Chapters & Resources:

Collet, V.S. (2020).  Blogging as Online Reflection during Student Teaching. In & R. Karchmer-Klein & K. Pytash, (Eds.), Effective Practices in Online Teacher Preparation for Literacy Educators. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.  (Available October 2019)

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Collet, V. (2011). The Gradual Increase of Responsibility: Scaffolds for change. Committee Members: Mary McVee, chair; Suzanne Miller, Lynn Shanahan. External Reviewer: P. David Pearson. ProQuest Digital Dissertations: UMI Number: 3475305.

Student Materials: Collet, V. (2004). Welcome to your watery adventure. Fort Collins, CO: City of Ft. Collins Utilities and Project Watershed.

Professional Development Materials: Collet, V.S. (2002). Reading Detectives: Teaching Reading Comprehension. Professional development resource.

Journalistic Writing Columnist, The Colorado Communicator, “Cyber Cloudburst” (2010-2012). “Kids’ writing progresses in stages.” Column “On Education,” The Coloradoan (a Gannett publication) November, 9, 2003. “Reading to, with and by your child leads to academic success.” Column “On Education,” The Coloradoan (a Gannett publication) November 23, 2003.

2012 Joined University Arkansas Faculty as Assistant Professor in Curriculum & Instruction

18 years in K-12 public education: Classroom teacher, interventionist, instructional coach, district curriculum coordinator

12 years in private practice: Educational Consultant, Interventionist

Adjunct professor: University at Buffalo and Niagara University

Reading Clinic Supervisor: University at Buffalo

2020 Fulbright Global Scholar, Japan and Ireland

2017 Faculty Star Award, Department of Curriculum & Instruction; recognition for achievement in research, teaching, and service  

2015 Literacy Teacher Educator Award from the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers for Professional Development in Haiti: Teacher Learning in Differently-Resourced Countries. The purpose of this project is to understand the constraints and affordances of providing translated, cross-cultural professional development to teachers in a differently-resourced country.

2014  New Faculty Commendation for Teaching Commitment, Teaching & Faculty Support Center, University of Arkansas

2014 Diversity Award, Office of Human Relations, University of Arkansas

2013 International Reading Association Exemplary Dissertation Award, received at the annual conference, San Antonio, Texas, April 2013.

2013  New Faculty Commendation for Teaching Commitment, University of Arkansas

2011 Colorado Administrative Leadership in Reading Award:  Presented at the Colorado Council of the International Reading Association Conference, February 2011.  This award encourages administrative support of quality reading instruction in Colorado schools, recognizing an administrator who has made a noteworthy contribution by promoting excellence in reading instruction.

2006 Poudre School District Excellence in Education Award:  The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding educators in the district and encourage and celebrate staff excellence in teaching.

Colorado Assoc. of Partners in Education Volunteer of the Year Award for Congressional District 4, (1996).  The purpose of this award is to recognize volunteers who have made significant contributions to education in the state of Colorado.

Pi Lambda Theta:  Honor Society in Education, University of Northern Colorado

Pinnacle Honor Society:  Honor Society for Adult Students, University of Northern Colorado

Phi Kappa Phi:  Scholastic Honorary Society, University of Utah

Phi Eta Sigma:  Freshman Honor Society, University of Utah