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Eric Mayes

Eric Mayes

Executive Project/Program Director


(CIED)-Curriculum and Instruction

Phone: 479-575-3208

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Culture and Cognition

Educational Equity

Teacher and Leadership Development






Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts,

  • Ed.M., Education Policy and Management

Howard University, Washington, DC,

  • Ph.D., Educational Psychology

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan,

  • M.S., Educational  Technology
  • BG.S., General Studies


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Mayes, E. (PI). Bolstering Achievement and Expanding Pathways to College and Career Readiness through CDF Freedom Schools (2013). $60,000 grant from Cindy Estrada Charity Fund. United Auto Workers.

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Mayes, E. (PI). Childcare Access Means Parents in School (2008). $626, 616 grant from the U.S. Department of Education.



Dissertation Committees

Member, Kaycee Brock, (Education), Fit for me: An Early College Access Workshop Series for Ninth Grade Black Latino Males, Johns Hopkins University, March 2019.

Member, Joshua Thomason (Education), Reversing Declining Enrollment Trends at Fincher Academy, Johns Hopkins University, October 2019.

Member, Lara K. Ohanian (Education), The Perceived Knowledge and Misconceptions of ESOL Educators Supporting A Rapidly Growing English Language Learner Population, Johns Hopkins University, April 2020.

Member, Erin Paradis (Education), Professionalization of non-teaching staff in K-12 Charter Schools, Johns Hopkins University, March 2017.

Member, Rashi Rama (Education), Collaborative Language Learning in Higher Education:  Student Engagement and Language Self-Efficacy in a Communicative, Flipped Context Arizona State University, March 2019.

Member, Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn (Education) E-Mentoring and Teacher Retention in the Mississippi Delta, Johns Hopkins University, December 2019.

Chair, John Howard (Education) Educational Moneyball: Principals’ Decision Making in the Screening and Selection of Effective Teachers, Johns Hopkins University, October 2018.

Chair, Kristen Moore (Education) Johns Hopkins University.  The Retention of Black and Latinx Teachers in an Urban School Context, August 2018.

Chair, Katchia Gethers (Education), Transforming the Leadership Practices of School Principals using a Blended Leadership Model, Johns Hopkins University, November 2018.

Chair, Amanda Thorpe (Education), A Data Review of an Intervention to Address Racial Disciple Disproportionality at a Midsized, Suburban School. Johns Hopkins University, November 2018.

Chair, Christina Bifulco (Education), Development of Perseverance in Mathematics Classrooms through the Advancement of a Growth Mindset, Johns Hopkins University, June 2017.


Comprehensive Examine Committee

Chair, Michelle Joyner (Educational Equity), University of Arkansas, 2020.

Chair, Molly Kopplin (Educational Equity), University of Arkansas, 2020.

Chair, Brianna Sheeley (Educational Equity), University of Arkansas, 2020.

Chair, Jason Curlin (Educational Equity), University of Arkansas, 2020.

Chair, Joseph Bauldree (Educational Equity), University of Arkansas, 2020.