Undergraduate Academic Advising

To ensure that students get the personal attention they need and deserve throughout their academic career, each department with undergraduate programs in the College of Education and Health Professions maintains a professional, student-centered academic advisor. Questions pertaining to undergraduate programs, transfer of credit, student services, academic progress  and administrative procedures can be directed to the student's department.

Advisor Assignments

Incoming freshmen and transfer students with less than 45 earned credit hours will be advised by professional advisors in each academic department. All pre-nursing students regardless of the number of hours earned are advised by the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing's professional advisor until admitted to the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing. Upon completion of 45 credit hours, students are assigned a faculty advisor within their major department. Students must confer with their professional or faculty advisor before each registration and at any time when decisions concerning registration are made, such as dropping and adding classes. 

Advisor/Advisee Responsibilities

How You and Your Professional/Faculty Advisor Should Work Together

Below you will find some guidelines to follow throughout the year to make the advising process a successful part of your university experience.

When To See Your Advisor

  • To discuss any problems that affect academic performance
  • To select courses for the upcoming term
  • To add or drop courses
  • To register to take a course pass-fail or audit
  • To discuss academic progress
  • To change a major
  • To discuss career considerations

How To See Your Advisor

  • Become familiar with your advisor's office hours/schedule.
  • Whenever possible, call to make an appointment instead of dropping by without one.
  • If it is necessary to drop by without an appointment, try to do so at a time when your advisor has posted office hours, avoid the busiest time of day (10 a.m.-2 p.m.), and allow plenty of time in case you have to wait to see your advisor.