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A number of students in the College of Education and Health Professions find the Study Abroad Program enriching.

"Going into the elementary schools was like stepping into the everyday life of an Irish person. When you travel as a tourist, you observe from the outside." — Sumner Sparks, undergraduate education major, Ireland program.

"When I went back and read my journal, I saw a progression of my emotions and experiences." — Diarra Smith, graduate counseling student, New Zealand program

"We learned a lot about being inventive. The nurses and doctors make so much of what they have, it was awesome to see. They were really willing to teach us how they do what they do and why." — Nicole Capdevila, undergraduate nursing student, Ghana program


Historical COEHP Study Abroad Participation

A record 110 students enrolled in College of Education and Health Profession degree programs participated in Study Abroad programs through the University of Arkansas in the 2017-18 academic year.

 Academic Year   Student Participation 
 2017-18   110 
 2016-17   102 
 2015-16   92 
 2014-15   77 
 2013-14   59 

 Steps to Enroll in a Study Abroad program