2020 COEHP Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

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Service Learning Through Community Partnerships in Belize

Jan. 1-12, 2020

Matthew Ganio

Flag of BelizeThis unique program is an international service-learning project for three (3) credit hours in Belize during the January Intersession. Students that participate on this program will select to join the Health Team or Agriculture Team. Students on the Health Team produce, deliver and evaluate health-related education to the citizens and stakeholders of Dangriga, Belize. Students on the Agriculture Team gain hands-on field experience while partnering with community members in the areas of agricultural education, communications and technology, crop science, horticulture, dietetics and nutrition, and environmental, soil and water science.

Adventure Therapy and Leadership in New Zealand

May 9-31, 2020

David Christian
Merry Moiseichik

Flag of New ZealandThrough adventure activities such as sea kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, camping and more, students will learn about the use of adventure activities to promote mental health for a variety of clientele. Students will be introduced to the profession of counseling and learn basic skills and techniques they can use to promote mental health in communities as well as with at-risk populations such as adjudicated youth. Students will also learn foundational skills in adventure leadership. Students will start their trip at Otago Polytechnic where they will interact with students and professors in the counseling and outdoor sports programs. Next, students will engage in a multiday wilderness expedition where they will learn how to use counseling skills/techniques and adventure leadership skills to promote mental health in a natural setting. At the end of the trip students will travel to Queenstown and be exposed to a variety of adventure recreation and leisure activities that can be used to promote mental health.

Health Teams Abroad Sweden

May 10-31, 2020

Fran Hagstrom

Flag of SwedenThe Health Teams Abroad course provides comparative information and learning activities from the perspectives of health professionals involved in teaching, clinical service delivery and/or research in the U.S. and Sweden. The learning experiences, which include lectures, panel discussions and study visits, promote critical thinking about the ways in which societal values, policies and practices affect the provision of health-related services. Interprofessional team based learning focuses on best practices across health care disciplines as these pertain to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common and chronic health conditions. Students will enroll in a 1 credit-hour course in the second 8-week session of the spring semester. This course will meet 3-5 p.m. Fridays. The purpose of the course is to complete study visits within the local community that are essential for paired activities in Sweden.

Education in Ireland: The Art of Teaching

May 25-June 11, 2020

Paul Calleja
Jack Kern
Grace Kerr

Flag of IrelandStudents from the University of Arkansas' teacher education programs will be eligible to participate in a 17-day faculty led study abroad experience in Ireland. U of A students will be hosted by the University of Limerick and the University College Dublin in Ireland. Students will visit four primary schools, where they will teach a variety of lessons in K-6 classrooms. U of A students will also meet with UL faculty to learn about college programs and life experiences in Ireland. Additionally, U of A students will participate in several hour-long lectures that provide an overview of the Irish education system, culture and history. Finally, U of A students will visit historical and cultural sites throughout Ireland, connecting what they see and experience with their future career as K-12 educators.

Health Professions in Ireland: Focus on InterProfessional Practice

May 25-June 1, 2020

Jean Henry

Flag of IrelandThis trip highlights the similarities and differences between the Irish and American health care systems through experiential activities while evaluating the impact of culture/history on the health beliefs, values and practices of the Irish people. Students will be immersed in the Irish health-care system through interactive visits to clinical and hospital health care facilities, as well as public health agencies and organizations; exploring the concepts and practice of interprofessional health care practice in Ireland. Students will visit select public health and medical facilities, where they will observe and interact with health professionals from various disciplines, including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, public health workers, social workers, dieticians, and community health workers. Meetings will be held with Irish university health professions majors and faculty to learn about college programs and life experiences in Ireland. Included are tours of allied health professions and medical schools at the University of Limerick and National University Ireland-Galway. Program lectures will provide an overview of the Irish health care system, culture, and history, and tours through the historical and cultural sites of Ireland will build cultural knowledge and competence.

Community Health Nursing in Ghana

May 26-June 20, 2020

Carol Agana

Flag of GhanaThis faculty-led program will provide nursing students with an exceptional experience that will contribute to both their personal and professional goals. Students will learn about health care in a global setting by working together with nurses and doctors in a hospital and in clinics, where they will connect with local people and experience their cultures and traditions firsthand. Students will provide a community service that will address identified needs for the village, i.e. malaria prevention, infant rehydration, nutrition and anemia prevention, dental hygiene, and importance of immunizations. This program will introduce students to the core concepts of community health nursing and provide students with an opportunity to experience nursing in a developing country. Students must also enroll in Summer Intersession 4722.

Clinical Shadowing in Thailand

July 1-31, 2020

Jean Henry

Flag of ThailandClinical Shadowing in Thailand offers health professions majors a survey of the educational system of medical practitioners and the practice of medicine in three hospitals in Nakhon Rachasima Province in northeastern Thailand. Students will shadow doctors/faculty at a university medical school for 2 weeks, approximately 8 hours a day, and one week at two Thai government hospitals at a more rural location. Students will stay in a Thai university dormitory with Thai students. Students will learn about Thai culture and natural history by visiting cultural and religious sites in Bangkok, Kao Yai National Park, and Koh Kood Island in the Gulf of Thailand near Cambodia. Students will also learn about the relationship between the physical environment, ecotourism and public/population health in Thailand. There will be a 4-day classroom course in the U.S. before travel, during which students will learn some basic Thai language and aspects of Thai culture relevant to functioning in-country. This program will be beneficial to students in all health professions majors. The clinical shadowing opportunities offered through this program will be particularly appropriate for students in clinical preparation programs, such as: Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy; Pre-Nursing, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Medicine and Biomedical Engineering. Community engagement and service learning opportunities will also make it relevant to Public Health majors.

Nursing: Global & Historical Perspective of Health

Dates to be determined, please check with Dr. Shreve

Marilou Shreve

Flag of United KingdomThis course is designed to compare and contrast U.S. health care with other areas outside of the U.S.: Glasgow, Scotland, and London, England. This comparison will focus on how the U.S., Scotland and England apply community health concepts to promote and restore health in the community settings. Additionally understanding and focus related to the history of nursing and differences in nursing roles outside of the US will be included. This course provides an immersion experience creating opportunity for a comparative analysis of evidence-based practices of health care prevention, diagnosis, and delivery with a specific focus on the role of nursing in the community. The opportunity to gain valuable historical knowledge of nursing practice and the evolving role of health care internationally will create a broader view of health care and the role of the nurse.