HHPR Override Process

Override Course Request

Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation

This form is to request permission to enroll in a required HHPR department undergraduate course — i.e., EXSC, PHED, PBHL or RESM — where the class enrollment is currently full or the student is unable to self-enroll.

Override Request Forms will be accepted November 1-30, 2021 for the Spring 2022 semester. The form will open only during this span.

Online Override Form

Important Considerations

  • Enrollment is not guaranteed.
  • Only students who complete this form will be considered for overrides.
  • Override forms will be used for full and required program courses only.
    • Non-required courses have waiting lists on them with the auto-enroll feature turned on.
  • One form should be completed for each class requested.
  • If there are other class options available for your degree plan, you should enroll in those.
  • Students should continue to check UA Connect for open seats.

Note: Students with financial holds can and are encouraged to fill out this override request form. Students are responsible to have a clear plan to remove this hold.

Who Has Priority?

Students who are on track to graduate at the end of the enrollment semester will have highest priority.

How do I know I have been approved for the course?

Students will receive an email regarding decisions no later than December 15, 2021.

Questions? Contact Boyer Center for Student Services at 479-575-4203 or bcss@uark.edu.