College Council

The elected College Council shall constitute the representative body for the College faculty, acting as a consultative and advisory body to the Dean on matters of faculty concern including general welfare, working conditions and services performed by and for the faculty, policies related to academic and professional research, other scholarly and creative activities, and faculty awards and development.

The College Council also serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas among members of the faculty. Rights and responsibilities of the faculty reside in the body as a whole, which may overrule Council action by a two-thirds vote of the faculty.

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The College Council of the College of Education and Health Professions invites faculty, staff and students to attend the COEHP Luncheon Academic Seminar Series, or CLASS.

The College Council initiated the CLASS luncheons to nurture the college's scholarly community, provide a forum in which faculty and staff share their work with peers, and foster future collaborations. Ultimately, these sessions should promote a greater understanding of the diverse ways in which College of Education and Health Professions faculty and staff work toward the shared mission of improving education and health outcomes for Arkansans. The seminars are sponsored by the dean's office and the College Council. with lunch provided.

Sessions are held virtually during the pandemic. Though we can't offer lunch till the all-clear is sounded, the meetings will be start at noon. Zoom links will be emailed to registrants prior to the session.

2021 Sessions

CLASS Session 1

Noon-1:30 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 24 — Special Interest Group (SIG) on Autism Spectrum Disorders. This interdisciplinary “think tank” will be led by Liz Lorah, Ph.D., and limited to 15 participants. Participants should come prepared to discuss their research, teaching and interest in autism spectrum disorders. Register online.

CLASS Session 2

Noon-1 p.m., Wednesday, March 10

Register online

Class Session 3

Noon-1 p.m. Thursday, April 22Tingting Liu, Ph.D., will present "BDNF Val66Met Polymorphism, Regular Physical Activity and Cognition in Diabetes: A Series of Three Studies." Register online.

Leadership Name Email Term Ends
Chair Gema Zamarro Rodriguez 2021
Chair-elect To be determined    
Ex-officio Brian Primack  
Ex-officio Kate Mamiseishvili  
Affiliation At-large Representatives
RHRC Rachel Glade 2021
CIED Liz Lorah 2021
RHRC Wen-Juo Lo 2022
CIED Christine Ralston 2022
  Departmental/School Representatives
CIED Jason Endacott 2021
EDRE Albert Cheng 2021
HHPR Lesley Vandermark 2021
NURS Jan Emory 2022
OTD Kandy Salter 2022
RHRC Claretha Hughes 2022


The College Council shall consist of one representative elected from each department of the college and four at-large members elected by the college faculty. Two at-large representatives shall be elected each fall and serve a staggered two-year term. The council members shall elect the chair-elect from within the council. If the chair-elect is a departmental representative, the alternate representative from that department will become the departmental representative. All members of the council shall be voting members. The associate dean for academic affairs shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the council. Nominations and elections for departmental representatives shall take place at the first departmental faculty meeting each fall and shall be reported to the council chair no later than Sept. 15. Each department shall designate alternates to represent the department when the departmental representative is unable to attend council meetings.

The sitting chair of the College Council shall manage the annual elections to the council. The chair shall solicit nominations for all open at-large college council positions during a nomination period lasting at least one week prior to the fall college faculty meeting. Potential candidates shall be permitted to nominate themselves and also to decline a nomination. All nominees to serve in at-large positions on the council shall run in a single election. Eligible faculty will be permitted to cast votes equal to the number of open at-large positions (normally 2).

From time to time, the College Council passes guidelines and resolutions that address issues of faculty concern within the College of Education and Health Professions. The body considers general welfare, working conditions and services performed by and for the faculty, policies related to academic and professional research, other scholarly and creative activities, and faculty awards and development. These are PDFs.