College & Course Program Committee

The college's Course and Program Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the University Course and Program Committee regarding the following:

  1. New courses
  2. Changes in title, description, number, prerequisites, etc. of courses
  3. New undergraduate and graduate degree programs
  4. Modifications to degree programs

The committee is responsible for resolving questions concerning course numbering, course or program duplication, completeness of course or program revision forms, and other questions pertaining to course and program changes, including compliance with administrative guidelines implementing Board Policy.


  1. Review and approve new courses
  2. Review and approve major course changes (Minor course changes require only program and department head approval prior to submission and do not require action by the COEHP Course and Program Committee.)
  3. Review and approve new programs
  4. Review and approve major program changes
  5. Report major course and program changes to the College Council

The Course Changes page from the Office of the Registrar has more information about the new course and course change proposals. The Registrar's Program and Unit Changes page has program and unit-change forms and instructions with work-flow steps.

Meeting Schedule


Unless otherwise noted, meetings for 2023-24 will be held at 2-3:30 p.m. the first Wednesday of each academic month, online on Zoom.

For 2023-24 Term

Meeting Date Agenda Items Due
Aug. 30* Aug. 16
Oct. 4 Sept. 20
Nov. 1 Oct. 18
Nov. 29* Nov. 15
Jan. 3 Dec. 13*
Jan. 31 Jan. 17
Feb. 28 Feb. 14
April 3 March 20

*Schedule was adapted to accommodate holidays and campus schedule.



The committee membership is elected by academic department with a representative from both undergraduate and graduate programs where appropriate. Nominations and elections for representative seats that will be vacant in the fall shall take place in the prior spring but no later than the last department faculty meeting of the academic year. All full-time faculty with primary appointments in the College of Education and Health Professions are eligible to serve, however, faculty who hold full-time administrative appointments (e.g., department head/chair, associate/assistant dean, dean, provost/vice provost, chancellor/vice chancellor) are not eligible. Potential candidates shall be permitted to nominate themselves and also to decline nominations. Department heads manage nominations and elections for department representatives. The sitting chair of CCPC manages nominations and elections for the graduate student representative. All graduate students earning a College of Education and Health Professions degree, and who anticipate graduating no sooner than two years after the term begins, are eligible. Department and student representative roles serve two-year terms.

At the first fall meeting each year, the committee members shall elect the chair-elect from within the committee who will serve one year as chair-elect while in the department representative role. Thereafter they vacate the department representative role to serve one year as chair. If the year serving as chair leaves their department representative role prematurely vacant, the department shall elect a one-year replacement during the spring elections. Student representatives are not eligible to serve as chair-elect.

All members of the council shall be voting members. The associate dean of academic affairs and representative(s) from the Boyer Center for Student Services shall serve as ex-officio, non-voting members of the council.

Approved Nov. 2, 2022

CCPC Committee

Member Department Term
Jonathan Wai Chair 2024
To be determined CIED , Undergraduate 2025
Sean Connors CIED, Graduate 2024
TBD EDRE, Graduate only 2025
Ches Jones HHPR, Undergraduate 2024
TBD HHPR, Graduate 2025
Cynthia Jo Lueders NURS, Undergraduate 2024
TBD NURS, Graduate 2025
TBD CDOT, Undergraduate 2024
TBD CDOT, Graduate 2025
Mandel Samuels CLRM, Undergraduate 2024
TBD CLRM, Graduate 2025
Chris Wernimont Graduate student rep 2025
Matt Ganio Dean's Office Ex-officio
Denise Bignar Dean's Office Ex-officio
Elizabeth McKinley Dean's Office Ex-officio